Digital Services

Big data. Digital marketing. Social media. Mobile platforms. Each presents unique opportunities for customer insight and new sources of revenue.

Asoft Consulting works with you to transform your business by leveraging digital technologies. We guide you through the maze of device proliferation and show you how to leverage data for a richer customer experience, a more efficient workforce and faster time-to-market.

Digital Marketing

Drive customer growth with omni-channel digital marketing services

Winning customers in today’s marketplace requires more than a digital brand presence. You need personalized offerings, seamless navigation and real-time engagement across all channels. Winning companies will prioritize digital marketing activities and extract maximum value from the data they collect every day.

Some of the world’s largest companies use Asoft to transform and grow their channel strategies. Our digital marketing services help you strategize, implement, run and maintain successful omni-channel, multi-lingual marketing solutions.

We offer a full range of services:

Strategy and Experience Design Services
  • Customized digital strategy and assessment for your digital marketing maturity
  • Roadmap and architecture based on your business priorities
Implementation Services
  • Mobile and social media applications that entice consumers and enrich the user experience
  • Content migration projects using proven methodologies and industry best practices
Maintenance and Operation Services
  • Activities monitored at global and regional levels
  • Applications and systems maintained at high performance levels
  • Partner and third-party vendor coordination

Mobile Application Services

Whether you are enabling custom mobile applications for your enterprise, implementing an application strategy for BYOD or extending your reach to mobile end-customers, Asoft Mobile Application Services can help. We build and implement solutions that meet the needs of your business while at the same time ensuring your data always remains secure.

You will overcome challenges and gain benefits through tailored solutions – and our comprehensive capabilities span verticals, technologies, operating systems and devices. Benefit from our expert assistance, from initial consulting to application development to post implementation support. And our flexible, scalable solutions match innovative services with mobile strategy and device platforms.

Our mobile applications services portfolio includes:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Custom application development
  • Mobile User Experience (UX)
  • Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Comprehensive testing and quality assurance
  • Security
  • Mobile business intelligence
  • Maintenance and support

User Experience Design (UX)

Today’s consumers expect a consistent user experience across every device they own. To develop a unified, friendly design, you need experts who understand your audience and can design an easy-to-use interface with cross-platform consistency.

ASOFT’s design services achieve that fine balance between form, function, and usability. And, because our engineers come from leading design schools around the globe, they understand the importance of regional preferences while retaining elegance and site stickiness.

Cross Channel User Experience Design

Our team of seasoned engineers incorporates context and human factors in end user design. Consumer lifestyle factors and touch points are carefully considered in the seamless, connected experience.

Unified Enterprise Experience Design

Enterprise design ensures interoperability. ASOFT’s proven approach systematically integrates user roles, business transactions and processes to create a coherent, collaborative experience across applications.

Mobility Experience Design

Our designers create compelling, interactive experiences for consumer and business applications, mobile sites, games and more. They carefully consider application needs and context when developing features and content to ensure a seamless user-centric experience.

Data Visualization

ASOFT’s information design team members work to understand your end-user information needs, priorities, access frequency, structure, and hierarchy models. They then combine that knowledge with solid data visualization and information design principles to create interactive displays that bring clarity and precision to business processes and decision making.