About Us

Asoft is a next-generation IT services provider focused on harnessing disruptive technologies such as Cloud, Mobility, Social CRM, Analytics, Infrastructure, and Security in an integrated manner to derive disproportionate business value to clients around the world.

Our History

Asoft offers an excellent degree of skills, IP, and domain expertise across a set of focused areas which include Application Services, Software Product Engineering, Infrastructure Management, Security, Testing, and Consulting Services.

  • Over the last few years, the market has seen certain unique, emerging technologies and IT paradigms. These include cloud computing, social media, mobility solutions, unified communications, business intelligence and analytics, BPM, and Security . Although each of these technologies is making its impact on the way IT is consumed, it is a combination of all these that will completely change the IT landscape as we know it today.
  • Asoft is focusing on these disruptive technologies as its core functioning area.

Unlike traditional IT Outsourcing providers, Asoft helps its customers leverage the power of IT for a 360° impact on the business. Business drivers for our solutions range from increasing market share, enhancing customer engagement, driving innovation/differentiation, improving agility & efficiency of operations, reducing cost, or standardizing business processes in a secure manner..

To unlock the potential of people to provide the world’s best innovative solutions that enable businesses to excel.

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