If you are using ServiceNow or are familiar with their offerings, having a consultant who is a subject matter expert can be extremely beneficial to your transformation journey. With ServiceNow, you can effectively automate business processes by creating digital workflows that simplify your day-to-day business operations.

Asoft: Your ServiceNow implementation Partner

At Asoft, we offer ServiceNow implementation and development services to enable your organization to streamline business processes, enhance productivity, and achieve optimal business performance. These include offerings for IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), Security Operations (SecOps), and IT Business Management (ITBM).

Our Process

ServiceNow Consulting

Asoft wields expertise in ServiceNow implementation and consulting, owing to its years of real-world experience with enterprise services. We will help transform and enhance your business operations and digital transformation services from where you are currently to where you need to be.

Our team of ServiceNow experts will ensure that you can improve your performance output by converting siloed, complex service delivery processes to a more streamlined and holistic delivery approach that is explicitly designed to meet your ServiceNow implementation requirements.

    Here’s how we do it:

  • Identifying existing gaps and defining a calculated roadmap.
  • Evaluating current business processes and optimizing service delivery.
  • Lean processes creation.
  • Consolidating and optimizing cross-departmental processes.
  • Increasing transparency across business operations.
  • Continued service improvements and monitoring.

ServiceNow Implementation

Implementing robust ServiceNow implementation and development solutions would require replacing your previous unorganized and inefficient processes. Asoft does just that by providing tailor-made solutions and frameworks that can get you into production within a couple of weeks.

We also collaborate with your business stakeholders and process owners to understand what kind of solutions your business requires. With us, you can be assured of an intelligent solution designed to keep up with the industry standards and effective implementation of the same.

    Here’s what you will achieve:

  • Efficiency of business operations.
  • Improving your customer experience.
  • Upscaling to upcoming trends.
  • Improving adherence to governance and compliance regulations.
  • Reducing overhead costs of operations delivery
  • Improved communication and complete visibility.
  • Targeted solution development and implementation


ServiceNow Integration

As ServiceNow implementation and integration specialists, we offer integrated solutions that are strategized and developed based on your business objectives. This is achieved through the integration of your existing applications and the third-party tools available from ServiceNow. We also provide a pre-built integration framework that allows us to dive right into the strategy mode and develop customized solutions specific to your business.

    Here’s how we do it:

  • IaaS, SaaS, ERP, legacy systems integration.
  • Social platform integration using a unified framework.
  • Smart Assistant Integration (E.g. Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant)
  • Integration with Identity providers for SSO

ServiceNow Migration Service

Legacy systems and outdated processes can come in the way of your performance output, leading to risks and challenges that may hinder progress. This is why at ServiceNow migration company Asofttek, we believe in implementing a ServiceNow migration strategy that helps you migrate your existing legacy solutions to ServiceNow and ensures that the service processes are reformulated as per industry standards, thereby enabling the efficiency of service delivery.

Our Offerings

Migration from JIRA, ClearQuest, Remedy to ServiceNow

Asoft specializes in ServiceNow migration services by helping organizations using JIRA, ClearQuest, and Remedy to migrate the ServiceNow platform.

Incident Management

Incident management is an ITSM process that deals with the management of incidents causing disruption or failure within the organization’s network.

In order to minimize the occurrence of potential outages, system breaks, or failures, it is important to implement an incident management strategy by identifying, assessing, and rectifying any issues that may cause a disruption in services in the future

Problem Management

Similar to incident management, problem management is an IT Service process that is responsible for managing the lifecycle of problems within your IT environment.

Change Management

Change management is an organizational process involving the various methods by which an organization describes and implements a change across its internal and external processes.


DevSecOps stands for ServiceNow Development, Security, and Operations. In simple terms, DevSecOps refers to the security measures adopted within the DevOps framework. This means that every organization must ensure security at every stage of the software delivery lifecycle.

This includes testing the software for potential security loopholes that can be exploited, taking security decisions, and implementing continuous integration.

Asset management

IT Asset Management or ITAM is the process of systematically maintaining an organization’s assets—hardware, software, and information. The process ensures that organizational assets are accounted for at all times, maintained, upgraded, and also disposed of when needed.


The CMDB or the Configuration Management Database is essentially an organizational data warehouse that stores all the relevant information about your IT environment, its components i.e., Configuration Items (CIs), the list of IT assets, and the relationships between them.

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC)

The GRC or Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance refer to an organizational strategy that is designed to help you align your IT operations to your business goals, mitigate risks effectively, and uphold compliance requirements.

A well-executed GRC strategy enables better decision-making for the business, reduction in the decentralization of departments within the organization, and elimination of silos consequently.

Key Benefits

Enhance efficiency and improve ROI

ServiceNow Development and implementation provide an effective ServiceNow strategy and roadmap to enhance the efficiency of your business processes, thereby improving analytical performance and ROI.

Customized solutions

We specialize in providing ServiceNow consulting solutions that are designed and developed in a way that is customized for your business requirements.

Easy migration

Avoid the risk of any disruptions caused due to the usage of legacy solutions and outdated processes by enabling the ServiceNow migration process.

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