Irrespective of how innovative your product or software is, user experience and user interface design plays a pivotal role in its success. Today’s competitive market demands a competent yet user-friendly user interface that makes it easy for the user to navigate the application or software.

Asoft: Your creative strategy partner

If you are looking to develop a website, software, or a product that is not only innovative in terms of technology but also in engaging your customers, Asoft can be your creative strategy partner.

Our Process

Design and discovery

The first step in our design to delivery process is to conduct discovery and gather relevant information to identify and define the scope of design. This information enables us to identify business use cases and the design requirements that support them. Once we have sufficient information

    We perform the following key activities:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Heuristic analysis of existing user interface
  • UX Benchmarking
  • High level wireframe designs and sketches
  • Visual interface design

Resource planning and analysis

Using the data gathered during discovery, we prepare a resource utilization plan to help you analyze and strategize the most efficient way to utilize your technology resources. In addition to this, we also help in elaborating the user story that in turn helps develop the user experience for your product.

This includes signing off on use cases, preparing preliminary UI designs, screen flows, and detailed wireframes.

Validation and Testing

To ensure a successful implementation, it is imperative to develop test cases and scenarios to ensure that the design and process flows are customized according to your requirements. We also perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT), which helps us understand if the end users are able to navigate the product or software in real-time. UAT tests are also conducted for documentation and review of test cases so we can make necessary improvements wherever applicable.


The delivery process is carried out once we have a user tested, approved design prototype. This is the final stage in the process where we develop the final build before implementing the design for your product or software.

Key Benefits

  • Optimum on-screen experience
    One of the obvious benefits of migrating to the cloud is that it is more secure than traditional on-premise networks. This is achieved by storing business information centrally, which offers better security when compared to your traditional data centers.
  • Reduced customer support costs
    Most high-tech companies spend 60% of their total costs on customer support. With a user-friendly UI and intelligent customization, your customer support and maintenance costs will automatically reduce because users are able to perform all the tasks without any additional help from your end.
  • Improved customer engagement
    An optimized user interface will enhance customer interaction and engagement, thereby improving your conversion rates while also developing brand loyalty.
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